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Its almost time to prep the asparagus for winter.  I will let the fronds die back a little more.  Then in late December I will cut them down, cover with some organic fertilizer, some lime, lay down about an inch of compost, and then protect with landscape fabric to keep back weeds.


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Salanova lettuce


I have been growing organic Salanova lettuce from Johnny Seeds.  It is advertised as a one cut lettuce but the reality is you can get two cuts in the height of summer and three and sometimes four in the spring and fall weather.  It is a really nice producer, tastes great and has a lot of small leaves even at maturity.  It handles the heat well.  Now we shall see how it does in cooler weather of winter.

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Fall Garden


The garden at home is looking good despite the warm dry weather.  It hasn’t rained since September 13 and the temps have been mostly in the high eighties (except for the last couple of days). In the foreground is baby kale and radish.  Then lettuce, carrots, and more lettuce.  This weekend I harvested lettuce for Bloom Cafe in addition to some for the veggie club.  From other gardens I also harvested tomatoes, green beans, edamame and sweet potatoes.  I pulled all the tomatoes from the poly-tunnel and have a mess to clean up before I plant the winter greens.  The poly is 12 feet by 48 feet.  So I should get four good beds of spinach and lettuce.


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Poly -tunnel jungle


I try to keep up with pruning, I really do.  But the poly-tunnel, what I sometimes call a greenhouse, has increasingly been hard to move through.  But it is full of life…. and fruit.  And almost no disease.  It never rains on these plants (I use drip irrigation) and so it only occasionally I find a leaf like that up on the upper left of this photo.  But all summer long that has been rare and inconsequential.  I took this photo just before I finished picking, something I do two or three times a week.  Below is the harvest for the day.  The tunnel is fifty long by twelve feet wide and about six and a half feet high.  I also have a few bell pepper plants in there.


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Spaghetti Squash coming soon


I harvested a few squash already but will cut the first two beds this weekend.  I am harvesting just a little early because I just discovered a fairly size-able hatch of squash bugs.  They are quite small but numerous and I want to harvest before I start seeing damage on the fruits.  This first planting is somewhat small, about thirty plants.  I have a second planting that is just starting to vine.  I planted over 120 plants expecting some insect damage this late in the season.  If there is no damage, then I will have spaghetti squash until next season!